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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spoilers Original Future new collection coming soon

Hello all,
New Original future collection is coming soon
Here are the spoilers
Do you like most from this collection that you are going to buy?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Easter Pass on stardoll!!

Hello all, 
Stardoll just released Easter Pass on stardoll
You get 7 gifts, 300 stardollars, 60 Superstar days, and 400 starcoins when you buy this Pass
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Egg Hunt Easter Contest on Stardoll!!

Hello all,
Stardoll just announced new Easter contest named egg Hunt

you have to find three eggs each day between 17 to 23 April
Today's 3 eggs are on following location
So hurry up and get today's eggs.. o fill baskets
Do you like this new comp?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tress up New Collection Released!!

Hello all 
stardoll just released the new Collection in Tress up shop

 Do you like this awesome summer collection?
xoxo BAKBstardoll Team

Free Gifts from Lego Friends!!

If you are from FRANCE log into your account and do the steps without use any proxy.

If you are from anywhere else you will need to use a webproxy 
Use this one:
Paste in the proxy url bar this:
Log in to stardoll your account:
To receive the sticker, you need to type this into the proxy URL

To receive the tiger, type this into the proxy URL:
Answer the quiz with any answers
Now, you will need to type this into the proxy's URL to be able to logout from your account if you already have the new Stardoll layout,ok?

 cDone You can leave the proxy and gostardoll as usual

Hotbuys Carroarmeto boots released!!

Hello all,
New hotbuys carroarmeto boots have been released in Original Future shop
They cost 14 stardollars
Do you like them?
xxoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Item Bikini in Stardesign Fashion

Hello all,
New Stardesihn item has been released in fashion

Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Pretty n Love for Yacht Club Released!!

Hello all,
Yachet club new Decor floors named as Pretty n Love for Yacht club has been released in starplaza

Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Saturday, 12 April 2014

New hotbuys Gold chain bag Released!!

Hello all,
Hotbuys chain bag has been released in starplaza in Rio Shop
Click HERE to get it in your dressing room
Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll team

Friday, 11 April 2014

LE new collection Released!!

Hello all,
LE new collection has been released

buy it before it have gone
Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Thursday, 10 April 2014

LE Coming tomorrow

Hello all, 
Le New Collection is coming tomorrow 
and this time stardoll announced the time of release
are you excited?
Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Free Barbie style club Hair

Hello all,
in Catalog of sarplaza
there are free stardesign barbie hair
you can buy them for 0 sardollars and starcoins

They are not showing yet
but hopefully they will be shown soon
so hurry up and buy them before they have gone
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Hotbuys disco earrings Released!!

Hello all, 
New Hotbuys Disco earrings have been released in Epiphany shop
they cost 8 stardollars
Click HERE to get them in your dressing room
Do you like them?
xox BAKBStardoll Team

New Gifting feature Send gifts without being superstar

Hello all,
Stardoll has just introduced a new gifting feature
now you can gift anything in starplaza to any of your friend directly from starplaza

you just need to be at level 12 to send gifts to your friends 
without being a superstar..
Do you like this amazing new feature?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team

Callie's Picks Issue no. 13 Released

Hello all,
Callie's Pick issue no.13 named as Spring whites is now in store
Do you like it?
xoxo BAKBStardoll Team